1. Sign-In each visit
2. Shirts and Proper attire MUST be worn at all times in the Facility
3. No Drugs or Alcohol allowed on the property
4. No Weapons of any kind allowed on premises
5. No Smoking or Chewing Tobacco in the HKPK Facility
6. No Profanity or Disrespecting and Members or Guests
7. No Clothing with Profanity or Suggestive Language
8. No Music with Profanity or Gang undertones
9. No Fighting or Rough Play
10. No Tagging with paint or ink of any kind in or on Premises
11. No-one under 18 allowed to leave the Premises without Parent or Guardian
12. Minors must be picked up a half hour before closing.

Outside food and drinks are not permitted in the facility. We have a snack bar with cold beverages, snacks, and microwavable food. See an employee for assistance. Snacks purchased from us are only allowed to be consumed in the parents area.