Jeff Jay



Jeffrey T. Jay is the owner of HKPK. He is an inventor and entrepreneur who has developed such inventions as the Velocity Jumping Stilts as well as created such companies as Stiltwerks Inc., The Werks Group, LLC, Globalwerks Group, LLC, Werks Aerospace, LLC.

Jeff is a former professional gymnast as well as an actor, stuntman, an stunt coordinator. He has recently honed his skills as a producer by executive producing “The Dodge Viper Cup” on Versus TV and several campaigns for Dodge SRT Brand. He has worked on such films as “Con Air”, “Mars Attacks”, “Lethal Weapon 4” and “Vampirella”.

He has appeared on numerous TV shows on the Discovery Channel, History Channel, an Jay Leno to name a few. TV shows such as “Popular Science’s Future of…”, History Channel’s “Modern Marvels”, and “Ripley’s Believe It or Not” with the Harlem Globetrotters and broke World Records on one episode.

His designs are used extensively in several Cirque du Soleil shows, Mystere, Love, Zumanity, an Varekai. He has also been a vendor of the Disney Corporation for 12 years now. He also has patents with the US Military for his incredible inventions.
He is a father of three and is an active volunteer an member of Shadow Hills Baptist Church




Annie Barley

Office Manager

Annie was born and raised in California and moved to Vegas in 2013. She started dancing and tumbling when she was three years old. Growing up in a gym Annie knew that’s where her heart belonged. When she was old enough to maintain a job she started coaching gymnastics and dance and has been a coach ever since. Annie realized she loved helping others grow and being an inspiration to people around her. When she was 18 she got into teaching and became a certified preschool teacher. Recently Annie decided to further her education and got her NAMC Montessori Teaching Certification. She has been at HKPK since 2013 and hopes to continue to make HKPK the best it can be.



Masey Jay
Front Desk

Masey Jay is daughter of Jeff and Julie Jay owner of HKPK. Masey grew up in the Gymnastics world and competed for 5 years. That balance and strength allowed her to excel at all her future sports. She currently is a State Champion Hunter Jumper in Horseback riding. She goes to Centennial High School where she studies Japanese and excels in Math and Science. Masey has been working for HKPK for 2 years and is an avid Trampoline Wall enthusiast.



Alina Leiva Hopkins

Aerial Silks Coach

Alina is a 32 year old performer born and raised in Havana, Cuba, who became an American Citizen in 2012. She is a Professional Circus Artist graduated in 2003 from the National Circus School in Havana, Cuba, also having a previous 5 year experience in a Spanish Dance School in Cuba. Her skills include Aerial Acrobatics (Silks/Tissues and Body Loops), Chinese Poles, Roller Skate Duo, Dance and Acting, having performed professionally in Cuba and abroad, including Japan, Aruba, Mexico and the USA. She moved to the USA in 2007 and started working as a Freelance Artist. In 2008 she joined the Raw Talent Dance Company performing both dance and acrobatics.In 2009 she auditioned and was hired to perform as an Aerial Artist and also a main character in LOVE, one of the resident shows by Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas. After 6 years working with LOVE she decided to leave the company and become once again an independent Artist, along with coaching Aerial Acrobatics at HKPK where she’s currently sharing her skills and passion for the Circus Arts.














Kory Kordich

Parkour/Tramp Coach/ Detour Team Coach

Kory is Parkour trampwall athlete who has been with the gym since the start. He has coached youth sports teams for 2 years and has learned the multiple different learning styles of all types of students. Kory attends Shadow Ridge High School and is majoring in auto tech. He performs in multiple after school activities and donates his time to better his community. Kory comes from an athletic background growing up in motocross, gymnastics, and football. Kory placed 3rd in the WFPF Parkour championship at Mandalay Bay representing the gym. Kory not only stands out in the world of parkour but also trains on trampwall. Whenever he has the chance, he is training to better himself and push through his comfort zone.  He has grown into a great athlete, planting his parkour roots here in 2012 starting off as a student in a parkour class with the dream of coaching here at HKPK. With much time and dedication he finally reached his dream.



Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 7.27.23 PM

Dylan Broadway

Parkour/Tricking Coach

Dylan has been doing gymnastics and mixed martial arts since the age of six and has been partaking in several gymnastic and karate events since then. His tramp wall skills are currently at their peak since he started 3 years ago along with martial arts tricking. Dylan currently attends Centennial High School and excels in theater, wrestling, and a variety of math programs. He is also involved in several action sports and is even a sponsored for freestyle bmx, freestyle smx, free style fmx, snow boarding, gymnastics/ parkour, and different types of stunting. His future goal in life is to be in cirque du soleil or be sponsored for the action and possibly have a tv show for it as well.  Dylan takes pride in his work and loves to teach others in the different arts.